Candidate Information

NOTE: All Candidates are required to file an appointment of political treasurer before spending or collecting any money.  
2023-2024 Campaign Contribution Limits

See below for the New Campaign Financial Disclosure forms for both candidates and PAC's.  Use with any reporting that begins on or after January 16, 2023.  These are the only forms to be used for the next required filing period covering 1/16/23-06/30/23 and due on Monday July 17, 2023.  

Candidate Appointment of Treasurer 2 pages
(Form for all state and local candidates)

Campaign Financial Candidate Forms & Instructions, 16 pages     FAQ's for Candidates on CFD

Campaign Financial Candidate Forms only, 7 pages

Statement of Non-Disclosure

Effective July 1, 2022, candidates and PACs are REQUIRED, in addition to other reports required to be filed with the Registry of Election Finance by Tennessee’s campaign finance statutes, to report to the Registry or the county election commission, whichever is required by T.C.A. § 2-10-105(a) and (b), detailed information on certain defined contributions and expenditures incurred “[d]uring the period beginning at twelve o’clock (12:00) midnight of the tenth day prior to a primary, general, runoff or special election or a referendum and extending through twelve o’clock (12:00) midnight of each election or referendum day.”   Please click here for the notice and below refer to Interim Forms & Instructions.

Interim Campaign Financial Disclosure Report

Interim Campaign Financial Disclosure Instructions and Sample 

PAC Appointment of Treasurer, 2 pages

PAC Appointment of Treasurer for Single Measure Referendum, 1 page

PAC Forms & Instructions, 18 pages

PAC Forms only, 8 pages

Current registered PACs (Political Action Committee) in Sumner County

New Statement of Interests  SOI formState and Local Candidates    SOI form Governor and Constitutional Ofc     FAQ's

Campaign Financial Filing Schedule for 2022 Election Cycle

Certificate for Write-in Candidacy

Judicial Candidate Fact Sheet

Electronic Campaign Contributions - additional information  

Candidate Campaign Sign Policies

Various Precinct Lists

 Board of Education policy concerning political activity on school property


Qualifications for Office 

Federal, State and County offices Click Here 

Municipal Qualifications for Office

City of Gallatin

City of Goodlettsville


City of Hendersonville

City of Millersville

City of Mitchellville

City of Portland

City of Westmoreland

City of White House
City Judge


Sheriff Post Certification Qualifications and Information

TN Highway Officials Bd. of Certfication Application and Information

Poll Watcher Packet 2022

Important Link for Candidates
Tennessee Registry of Election Finance