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Individuals whose doctor will certify that they would have difficulty going to the polls can request a Physician's Statement to receive
an absentee ballot for each election.

For more information go to these federal voting assistance websites for helpful hints on absentee/military voting:




Individuals who wish to vote Absentee in Sumner County must begin the process as early as possible. The 90th day before an upcoming election is the first day an application can be legally received by the County Election Office.

Under state law, an absentee voter must have a legal reason in order to be eligible to vote absentee by mail.

To obtain an application for absentee ballot, the Sumner County Election Office will only deal directly with the voter needing the application. Third party transactions will be avoided. This is an important legal safeguard.

Should it be necessary for a voter to request an absentee ballot, the voter can contact the Sumner County Election Office directly by phone, fax, email or by letter.

Phone (615) 452-1456
Fax (615) 230-6147

Email elections@sumnercountytn.gov


Sumner County Election Office
355 North Belvedere Drive, # 106
Gallatin, TN 37066