Data Services

State Law T.C.A. 2-2-138 requires county election offices in Tennessee to sell voter registration information for political purposes.  The Sumner County Election Office sells this information four ways: (1) CD ROM Electronic Data, (2) printed lists,  (3) printed labels and (4) Flashdrive.  CD ROM and Flashdrive orders are the only way to purchase voter history information in Sumner County.  History records can be purchased from one year back up to ten years back.

Individuals who purchase a CD ROM or Flashdrive in Sumner County are provided voter data only!  The Election Office is not selling software.  To successfully import the data into a computer the individual would need appropriate software programs available to them to import, manage, categorize, etc. the data on these files. 

CD ROM and Flashdrive orders can be limited to a small political jurisdiction (city ward or commission district) or can contain all Sumner County voters with ten years of history.  Files are DBF format.  CD ROM orders cost $50.00, and Flashdrive orders cost $75.00 regardless of size. Those purchasing lists in any format must be made by check or cash with exact amount and those purchasing must provide State of Tennessee photo identification at the time of request.

List orders cost 3 cents per voter.  Lists are not householded.  Individuals might order a list of who voted early or voted in a city election.  Another example of an order would be a list of voters in a particular city ward.

Label orders cost 5 cents per label.  Labels are not householded.  Most often, label orders are mailing labels (name, mail address, mail city, state, zip).  Individuals must factor in postage costs in their campaign budget.

For paper copies the charge is .15 per page for black and white and .50 for color. The charge for double sided black and white copies is .30 and $1.00 for color.

On any “Research Report” above our normal program we charge a $15.00 hourly research fee in addition to the cost of the item.

Individuals wishing to purchase voter registration information must first file a written order form.  Once the order is completed, the Election Office will call the individual.  You pay when you pick up your order.

Individuals who purchase a CD ROM are only purchasing data.  The Sumner County Election Office does not provide technical computer support. Campaigning is not our business.

You may download the  order form from this page.  Please complete it and fax it to us at (615) 230-6147. We will contact you when the order is ready for pickup. 

All money is payable to “The Sumner County Election Office.” All purchase must be by check or cash with exact amount and purchases over $10.00 must be paid for at time of request.

The Sumner County Election Office does not sell Social Security Numbers!