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ELECTION NOTICE given for Nov 8, 2022 State and Federal General and Sumner County Municipal (Cities) Elections

Sumner PRESS RELEASE for Nov 8, 2022  State & Federal General and Sumner County General Election.

Petitions for the Sumner County Municipal Elections will be available at the Sumner County Election Office beginning Monday, June 20th located at 355 N Belvedere Dr., Rm 106 in Gallatin.    Please click HERE to view notice. 

PUBLIC NOTICE for August 4, 2022 Election regarding Early and Absentee Voting

See the above notice for information on dates, times and locations for eligible voters to cast their ballots by personal appearance.  In addition are details for voting by mail.

NOTICE of Precinct Locations for Aug 4, 2022 State and Federal Primary and Sumner County General Election

See the above notice for information on precincts and their locations and hours on Election Day. 

ELECTION NOTICE given for Aug 4, 2022 State and Federal Primary and Sumner County General Election

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PUBLIC NOTICE regarding changes in County Commission and School Board Districts as well as changes in Precinct boundaries.  

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Frequently asked Questions on Redistricting

Will Redistricting Affect Where I Vote in 2022?

Yes, some precincts have changed due to redistricting.  To locate your new precinct CLICK HERE.   In addition to voting at your assigned precinct on Election Day, we still encourage you to take advantage of Early Voting.  You may cast your vote at any one of the designated Early Voting sites in Sumner County.  It is convenient, fast and you can avoid the possibility of missing your opportunity to vote on Election Day for any unforseen reason.

How many people live in a County Commission District?

Now we have 24 County Commission Districts with approximately equal numbers of people as determined by the 2020 Federal Census.  As a result of the redistricting that took place, the County Commission approved a change from 12 districts to 24 on November 15, 2021.  There are approximately 8,000 individuals in each County Commission District.

Who determined the new district lines?

The decision makers shown below are the elected officials who have the statutory authority to locate the district lines on the census block boundaries.   

Tennessee General Assembly                                                    

  • Congressional Districts
  • State Senate Districts
  • State House Districts

City Officials

  • Mayor
  • Alderman
  • Other city officials dependent upon the city

Sumner County Commission

  • County Commission Districts
  • School Board Districts

Sumner County Election Commission

  • Precinct Boundaries
  • Polling places

Legal Notice Addressing Redistricting

Pursuant to T.C.A. 2-3-105, the Sumner County Commission hereby gives public notice to changes in county commission, school board districts and precinct boundaries.  All registered voters will receive a new voter registration card prior to the May 3, 2022 Sumner County Primary.   To view notice, CLICK HERE