About the Sumner County Election Commission

Duties of the Sumner County Election Commission

The Sumner County Election Commission conducts all elections; city, county, state and federal. State
election laws are the foundation of all administrative election procedures in the State of Tennessee.

Voter registration, candidate questions, petitions for offices, legal notices, early voting, and Election
Day voting are some of the major responsibilities the Election Commission oversees.

Under state law, each county has a five member election commission who are appointed by the State
Election Commission.

The Sumner County Election Commission sets its regular meetings at 4:00 PM (local time) at 1019 Union School Rd,
Gallatin, Tennessee on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. If the date falls on a county recognized holiday, the meeting will be held on the following date at the same time.

Sumner County Election Commission

M. Allen Ehmling, Chairman
615-390-0022; aehmling@mperlaw.com
Republican Appointment

Denise D. Shepherd, Secretary
615-440-0579; elections@sumnercountytn.gov
Democratic Appointment

Patricia D. Collins, Member
312-371-4859; elections@sumnercountytn.gov
Democratic Appointment

J. Michael Fussell, Member
615-351-9905; elections@sumnercountytn.gov
Republican Appointment

Jeffery B. Hulsey, Member
615-347-1854; elections@sumnercountytn.gov
Republican Appointment

Lori D. Atchley, Administrator of Elections
615-452-1456; latchley@sumnercountytn.gov

The Mission of the Sumner County Election Commission is to conduct accurate, secure, fair and accessible elections with the highest
level of professionalism and integrity; to protect the will of the people and democracy as a concept and form of government; to provide
a comprehensive and uniform election procedure; and to encourage maximum citizen participation in the electoral process.