Districts & Precincts

County Commission Districts are the foundation of elections. Every 10 years, the County Legislative Body must draw new district lines based upon the most recent Census Data.  This process is called redistricting.

A district may be comprised of one precinct or multiple precincts.  Sumner County has 29 precincts.  Sumner County has 24 County Commission Districts.  One Commissioner is elected per district.

Important Voter Information                                                

New districts for the Sumner County Commission and the School Board have been approved by the Sumner County Commission.  Voters will choose representatives from those new districts in the May 3, 2022 Sumner County Primary and the August 4, 2022 County General Election.  HOWEVER,  until those elected candidates take office after the August 4, 2022 election, the current representatives remain in place.

How to Find Your Election Day Voting Location on a Sumner County Voter Registration Card