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New districts for the Sumner County Commission and the School Board have been approved by the Sumner County Commission. Voters will choose representatives from those new districts in the May 3, 2022 Sumner County Primary and the August 4, 2022 County General Election. HOWEVER,  until those elected candidates take office after the August 4, 2022 election, the current representatives remain in place.

NEW Sumner County Commission Districts (Approved 11/15/2021)

NEW Sumner County School Board Districts (Approved 11/15/2021)

NEW Sumner County Voting Precincts 

NEW Sumner County Commission Map with Precincts 

NEW Sumner County School Board Map with Precincts 


Current Sumner County Commission Districts (Approved 2011)

District 1       District 2      District 3       District 4

District 5       District 6      District 7       District 8

District 9       District 10    District 11    District 12


County Commission District and Precinct Map

Sumner County Precinct Maps 

County Commission District Maps with precinct boundaries


Current Board of Education Districts (Approved 2011)

District 1           District 2           District 3

District 4           District 5           District 6

District 7           District 8           District 9

District 10        District 11


City of Gallatin Council District Maps

District 1             District 4

District 2             District 5

District 3


City of Hendersonville Ward Maps

Ward 1                   Ward 4

Ward 2                   Ward 5

Ward 3                   Ward 6


City of White House Ward Map


The Cities of Goodlettsville, Millersville, Mitchellville,
Portland, and Westmoreland have no wards or districts.
All city representatives are elected At-Large.

State House Districts 40, 44 and 45

2014 Tennessee State District Map

Sumner County Road Map  (48.42" by 36.44" - 3.58MB)

Sumner County State Representative District Maps

Tennessee House District Map

Tennessee Senate District Map

Tennessee Congressional Map


House Districts with Precincts

City Wards with Precincts

School Board Districts with Precincts

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Statistical Data

Election Data and Statistical Analysis
(Voter Registration & Voter Turnout)

Sumner Voter Turnout History 2004 to 1992