Candidate Information

Candidate Appointment of Treasurer, 1 page

Statement of Interests - Revised 2013

Candidate Forms & Instructions, 16 pages

Candidate Forms only, 7 pages 

Referendums: Single Measure Committee Appointment of Treasurer, 1 page

Judicial Candidate Campaign Financial Factsheet

PAC Appointment of Treasurer, 1 page

PAC Forms & Instructions, 18 pages

PAC Forms only, 8 pages

2017-2018 Candidate and PAC Contribution Limits

2017 Campaign Financial Reporting Periods and Deadlines

2018 Election Cycle Campaign Financial Reporting Periods and Deadlines


Appointments of Political Treasurers for 2018 Election Cycle

Cindy Briley

Pat Campbell

Davis "Buddy" Daniel

Debrah K. Frizzell

Craig Garton

Anthony Holt

Lee A. Hord

David Howard

John C. Isbell

Lois Jordan

Caroline Krueger

Marty Nelson

Justin Nipper

Donoven Rice

Matt Stamper

Kathryn Strong

Luke Tinsley

James Vaughn

Roy "Sonny" Weatherford

Cindy Williams


        Various Precinct Lists

School Board Districts with Precincts

City Wards with Precincts


Current Registered PACs (Political Action Committee) in Sumner County


Board of Education policy concerning political activity on school property


Qualifications for Office

For an overview of the qualifications for elected federal, state
and local offices
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Sheriff Post Certification Qualifications and Information


Notice to candidates and supporters on boundaries and access to polling locations


Poll Watcher Appointment Form


 Important Link for Candidates
Tennessee Registry of Election Finance